TVA EnergyRight Residential Services Loan Program


  • All persons applying for the loan must be listed on an active utility account with Decatur Utilities.
  • Customer should select qualified QCN contractor from TVA approved contractor list. This can be obtained at the TVA EnergyRight website:
  • Customer needs to register at this site - there is no obligation, or by phone 1-855-237-2673.
  • Contractor will prepare the applications for the customer and email the application to Regions Bank's Energy Right Department for approval
  • If approved, contractor will prepare paperwork and install unit. If application is declined, Regions Bank will contact the customer by mail.Once the unit is installed, the contractor will forward the paperwork to Decatur Utilities.
  • Decatur Utilities will add the monthly payment to the customer's utility bill and file a lien against the property.
  • Current interest rate is determined by TVA.
  • Repayment period is 10 years or shorter term per customer request. Once loan is processed time period of loan cannot be changed.
  • Contractor will calculate the monthly payment and relay this to the customer.
  • TVA loan is not tax deductible.


  • The customer can pay the TVA loan off at anytime without any additional penalty.
  • Customer should contact the Billing Department to obtain a current payoff balance.
  • Once the payoff is received, the monthly payment is removed from the customer'saccount and the lien is terminated.
  • The loan is not assumable or transferable.
  • If the house is being sold, the TVA loan is required to be paid in full.
  • An authorization to release information is needed from the customer for Decatur Utilitiesto release payoff information to a realtor, attorney, etc.

TVA EnergyRight Residential Services Program
Home Energy Evaluations

Decatur Utilities and TVA EnergyRight® are here to help you make smart decisions about your home's energy use. Our resources make improving your home's energy efficiency easier.

  • Learn what upgrades your home needs to be its most energy efficient by completing a home energy evaluation with a Home Energy Advisor
  • Hire TVA-approved contractors to complete your home energy upgrades
  • Apply for financing for qualifying home upgrades
  • Take our free DIY Home Energy Assessment and more.
Visit to find out how you can make your home as efficient as possible.

On-bill Financing

Minimum credit beacon score of 625
Minimum loan of $2,500; Maximum loan of $15,000
Terms are five years on weatherization only; 10 years on equipment
For information on how to apply for and pay off a loan, scroll up.

TVA New Homes Program

Homebuilders can access a suite of new HVAC and water heating equipment incentives through Decatur Utilities and the TVA EnergyRight® New Homes Program. Incentives are available for all-electric homes and homes with gas appliances.

The program helps homebuilders purchase energy efficient technology, increasing the marketability of their new builds. Plus, homebuilders receive the added marketing benefits of taking part in a program sponsored by Decatur Utilities and TVA. For more information or for builders to schedule a brief orientation, contact (615) 426-4015.